Asia Digital Art Exhibition 2019 | Curation


I served as the Lead Artist Coordinator and Executive Assistant Curator for the 2019 Asia Digital Art Exhibition (ADAE) in Beijing. The exhibition featured works from 30 artists across 12 countries and regions, and the experience was both challenging and rewarding. As the point person for bridging international artists, local curatorial teams, architectural and installation teams, and tech equipment teams, I had to navigate bi-lingual communication between international artists and technicians, curatorial team, installation construction team, event planning, and team management. Through this experience, I gained valuable skills and knowledge in curating digital media arts that I am eager to apply to future projects.


Executive assistant curator, lead artist coordinator


Lenovo Center, Beijing


China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG)
Beijing Haidian District People's Government
China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA).

ADAE fosters cultural exchange through the thematic exhibition "Symbiosis”, which employs a number of viewpoints that connect Asia’s cultural and historical diversity with innovative ways of artistic expression in digital art.

The exhibition comprises three chapters structured thematically rather than chronologically or geographically. ADAE discovers unexpected resonances by transcending national frameworks and examining similarities and differences in a global context.

Further more, ADAE seeks to build a platform for cultural and technological dialogue and promotes cross-disciplinary cultural innovation for the future. ADAE serves to encourage the digital contents industry of China, and aims to cultivate creative individuals by promoting digital contents that fuse the latest technological developments with artistic flair.

Asia Digital Art Exhibition (ADAE)

Duration: May 16 - June 15, 2019
Venue: Lenovo Center, Beijing

Academic Advisor: Fan Di'an
Producer: Wang Chen, Zhang Jingling
Initiator: Huang Ying, Wang Peng

Academic Committee: Fan Di'an, Song Xiewei, Qiu Zhijie, Wang Ziyuan, Chen Xiaowen, Jin Jun, Fei Jun

Chief Curator: Song Xiewei
Curator: Fei Jun
Executive Curators: Xue Tianchong, Wang Naiyi
Executive Assistant Curator: Caren Wenqing Ye
Exhibition Managers: Zhang Dongxu, Chen Xiangning, Liang Juan

Photography © Asia Digital Art Exhibition (ADAE)May 2019 Filed under Exhibition, Lenovo Center, Beijing