Caren Wenqing Ye (she/they) is a multimedia artist and producer based in the U.S and China. Wenqing's work is grounded in introspection and intuition. She works across different mediums of illustration, 2D/3D animation, breathing sensor, mixed realities making, audiovisual performance and immersive projection mapping. Fusing art and technology, she aims to simulate multiple realities and build metaphor and empathy, offering glimpses into our true nature.

Currently a postdoc research resident fellow at ITP/IMA, Tisch School of the Art, NYU, Wenqing is working to support the core, foundation and thesis classes, offer tutorials to students, as well as present personal creative research to members of the academic community.

Before ITP, she worked with the Art and Technology Program at the Central Academy of Fine Art in China on interactive media projects, which included contributions to The Palace Museum and the 58th Venice Biennale. Additionally, she served as the executive curator and artist coordinator for the Asia Digital Art Exhibition in 2019. Beyond her art practice, she is a content creator and entrepreneur with an audience of 270k followers on TikTok. Her aspirations encompass leveraging technology and the internet to explore inner wisdom, cultivate deep connections, and inspire positive change.


闻清尝试通过科技模拟多样的现实,并以艺术形式创造比喻和共情,旨在日常中窥见一些既包含又超越表象和幻相的实相。她的创作涵盖多种形式,包括插画、动画、呼吸心跳感应器、游戏引擎、视听表演和沉浸式投影,致力于把艺术作为体验融入生活。目前她是纽约大学Tisch艺术学院互动媒体项目ITP/IMA的驻地研究员,并拥有纽约大学ITP项目和维斯大学(Wesleyan University)艺术系的学术背景。



New York University ︎ M.P.S. Interactive Telecommunications Program, Tisch School of the Arts
Wesleyan University ︎ B.A. Art and Art History & Environmental Studies