Code Mandela | Generative Art (2019)


Code Mandela (Code Dance) is a system of real-time code generated drawings that dance to the sound. The CD system is a happy screen creature which brings magic. Try it out!




Generative art, Audio Reactive video system, Performance, NFT


︎ Play with it here︎


Exhibited at 2022 Asian Creative Festival, oncyber Virtual Exhibition Room


More information about the virual exhibition

As a sponsor at 2022 Asian Creative Festival this AAPI Month @asiancreativefoundation_ @asiancreativefoundation , LATITUDE Gallery is presenting a NFT Group Exhibition with Asian Creative Foundation showcasing up to 20 amazing NFT works from 14 Talented Asian Artists via @oncyber Virtual Exhibition Room and creator accounts also sponsored by @withfoundation .

This exhibition brings you a cutting-edge NFT online experience with fourteen artists of Asian descent: “Dare to...” As part of the Asian Creative Festival on May 13th and 14th, Our show “Be brave and dare to…” cherishes Asian creativity, community, and collaborations. Partnering with Asian Creative Foundations, this NFT group show consists of twenty pieces of individual NFT artworks on Cyber, an immersive online platform. Curated by the gallery’s in-house curatorial team and supported by reputable NFT platforms such as Foundation and Opensea, this fully online show will be free and available for anyone with internet access.

Code Mandela, former Code Dance, was also developed
as a real time audio-visual performance by Caren in 2020
at Phase Space in Brooklyn as part of The 2020 Vision
Show curated by artist Marcela Szwarc.