X Academy |  Education,  Communication,  Academic Lead (2019-2021)


At X Academy, I’ve established DesignX track as a founding Member, recruited instructors and TAs, including faculty memebers from NYU Shanghai such as Marcela Godoy and Avan Le Zhou, developed curricula in Human Computer Interaction and Creative Coding and AI Arts courses, and ensured high-quality student experience.­­

Additionally, I served ­as Head Academi Lead and Teaching Assistant for Creative Coding and AI Arts Course; Provided hands-on guidance and support to students exploring coding and creative expression through AI.


Founding member of the DesignX track
Academic Lead for Creative Coding and AI course.

Class Docs of Creative Coding and Artificial Intelligence Arts


About X Academy (Former TechX Academy)

The vision of X Academy – to help the young people of China achieve what they need most: to invent, create, and change the lives of millions.Based in Shanghai, TechX is one of China's most prestigious technology summer institutes, annually hosting over 400 high school/college students who aspire to become engineers, entrepreneurs, and designers. Many of our participants successfully entered top-tier STEM undergraduate programs or Silicon Valley Giants.During the twelve days of TechX, our students will dive deep into one of five cutting-edge technology fields - Machine Learning, Robotics, Block Chain, Game Design and Industrial Design. Towards the end of the Summit, students will spend 48 hours on a culminating hackathon: a hands-on experience known as the X Capstone Project.

Find more about X Academy here ︎ xacademy.cc/