Caren Wenqing Ye

Multimedia artist and teaching fellow
based in Brooklyn, NY

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Multimedia Work

Blender+ Jam!
Butterfly Portal @Nabi Shanghai
As I Sync My Breath With You

The Floater VR
LxU Lab: AR Do Not Go Die
Synthetic Garden 
RElectonics: Machine-in-itself Bonsai Night
Code Mandela

Pop-Up Yuanlin
ADD Civic Pavilion

#illustration #digitalart #motiondesign #animation
#vrar #virualproduction #creativecoding #installation #projectionmapping #interactivedesign #architecture


Breathing Prairie


NIME Club Shanghai x Wandering Song

#audiovisual #touchdesigner  #realtime

Curation, Teaching,
Creative Direction

Studio Wonder-Infinity x TikTok Asia Digital Art Exhibition
ITP Camp
X Academy 
NIME Club Shanghai

#community #education #techart 

Synthetic Garden | VR, Performance (2020)


Integrating human bodies, gestures, imaginary creatures with elements from man-made world and nature, Synthetic Garden unwraps a world inspired by the unheeded nature, fantasy fictions, traditional Chinese garden art (Yuanlin) and rituals, speculating the relationship between man and nature in the digital neutropia.

It is also an interactive audio-visual experience with spatial music arranged throughout the journey.


Unreal Engine, Blender, Oculus2, OBS Studio,


︎ Synthetic Garden in traditional Chinese architecture

During the second iteration of the Synthetic Garden project, I had the opportunity to collaborate with artist Bingyi 冰逸 and architect Zhang Zhiyang 张之杨 to create a fusion of traditional Chinese architecture and gardens with the dreamy digital garden, bridging the realms of old and new, physical and virtual, reality and imagination.

The opening ceremony coincides with the winter solstice of 2020. Bingyi and the Little World Museum invited young multimedia artist Caren Wenqing Ye and architect Zhang Zhiyang to collaborate on the multimedia park project "A Tour in Snowy Mo Chou". Every visitor to the Mo Chou Lake studio can experience the digital park, feel the winter solstice irises in the snow, the lotus pond in full bloom, and the whimsical amusement park full of childlike fun.

Architect Zhang Zhiyang created a "growth architecture" plan for the irises garden: the garden he designed is like a living, breathing white life form that spreads and grows in the garden every year. Multimedia artist Caren Wenqing Ye presented the scene of winter snow and blooming flowers in all seasons in Zhang Zhiyang's "growth architecture".

Press Link  (In Mandarin Chinese) with walkthough video

︎ Synthetic Garen x Bingyi x Zhang Zhiyang Walkthough     

︎Synthetic Garden Walkthrough

︎ Showcase viewing in Multiplayer VR platform developed by artist Jonanthan Turner           

Folks watching the showcase inside a multi-player VR platform developed by Jonanthan Turner

︎ Live Performance Garden Walking with LIPP.TV, a live stream performance site developed by Matt Romein, streamed on Twitch

Live stream on LIPP.TV created and hosted by Matt Romein

︎ Conceptual sketch


︎ Sneak Peek


︎ Building Process