Studio Wonder-Infinity |  Content Strategy, Social Media, E-commerce(2021-Present)


For the past two years, I have been a content creator and entrepreneur, sharing our meditation practice on Douyin (Chinese Tiktok) with my college friend Ray Miao from Wesleyan. Together, we have amassed a following of 270k and created a community dedicated to personal growth along with an E-commerce bussiness with products such as gemstones, incense and essential oils.


Co-Founder, Content Creation,  Digital Marketing and Branding Strategies and Execution, Community Building, E-Commerce, Bussines Operation

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Content Creation: topics we talked about in our channel

(average number of likes ranges from 2k-60k)

  • Does ChatGPT have conscienness

  • Chat with ChatGPT from philosophy to Buddhism

  • Machine will never replace human

  • Why sleeping early will help with your spiritual practice 

  • The ultimate meaning of “What it means to be chill”

  • Desire exists in the form of Fractal

  • How Quantum Physics explains Emptiness in Buddhism

  • What’s the relationship between meditation and quantum physics

  • Book reccomendations for starting your mindfulness practice

  • Why your words are not taken seriously

  • Whether you are good looking to someone depends on your karma with them

  • What is Karma

  • How does Karma work

  • How having faith is so important to one’s life

  • How to quickly improve the energy field of a space

  • How to feel the energyies of crystals

  • Is it conflicted to make money and practice Buddhism

  • The secret to keep getting good luck

  • Interpretation of the ending of the movie Inception

  • The blind spots of the Law of Attraction

  • Meditation tip for beginner: Open your eyes slightly

  • How to avoid negative emotions

  • How to get along with your parents

  • You never meet anybody randomly

  • How to tell if your spiritual practice is on the right path

  • Reflections on a year of being vegetarian

  • Don't talk too much about things until they are accomplished

  • How to overcome fear

  • Does telepathy really exist

  • The essense of romanic relationship

  • Seeing is not always believing

E-Commerce, Branding Design

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