Breathing Prairie | Interactive Performance (2022)


Breathing Prairie is an interactive performance piece, which the breathing pattern is connected with the narrative audiovisuals in real time, creating a space of presense, togetherness and resonance.

Throughout the performance, My breathing is visualized, audiolized and projected on the screen with the breathing suit I designed. The breathing belt is consist of arduino, pressure sensor and led light, developed by Pedro Sodre and incoporated into this piece.

Blender, Arduino, MaxMSP, Resolume Arena, Ableton Live


Audiovisual performance, digital video, projection mapping, meditation 

Performance Locations
Performance Garage at 370 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA

:iidrr Gallery, Manhattan, NY, USA

Photo ©:iidrr gallery, Feburary 2023

Performance @The Garage,370 Jay Street, Brooklyn, New York

︎︎︎Hosted by Ali Santana

Performance at :iidrr Gallery, New York

Narrative Footages

The performance begins with the performer inviting the audience to participate in a short, one-minute breathing meditation,
accompanied by real-time breathing guidance visuals that are activated by the breath.

The first chapter:
The first chapter explores the breathing of wombs, revealing our co-existence as humans in the company of the four elements of the material world: ground, water, fire, and wind.

Second chapter:
The second chapter delves into the breathing of plants, flowers, and imaginative creatures, each of which contains a unique sound that comes to life when triggered by the breath. These layers of sound and imagery combine to create a breathing festival, a dynamic and immersive soundscape that celebrates the power of breath of all living beings.

Third chapter:
In the third chapter, I opened the webcam and projected my face onto the screen, manipulating live visual effects layered on top of my face to create a mandala-shaped moving images. With a voice-over and intense breathing, the performance continues with the message that ego is an illusion and we are all united as a cosmic and timeless one unit, ultimately concluding the performance.