Caren Wenqing Ye

Multimedia artist and teaching fellow
based in Brooklyn, NY

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Multimedia Work

Blender+ Jam!
Butterfly Portal @Nabi Shanghai
As I Sync My Breath With You

The Floater VR
LxU Lab: AR Do Not Go Die
Synthetic Garden 
RElectonics: Machine-in-itself Bonsai Night
Code Mandela

Pop-Up Yuanlin
ADD Civic Pavilion

#illustration #digitalart #motiondesign #animation
#vrar #virualproduction #creativecoding #installation #projectionmapping #interactivedesign #architecture


Breathing Prairie


NIME Club Shanghai x Wandering Song

#audiovisual #touchdesigner  #realtime

Curation, Teaching,
Creative Direction

Studio Wonder-Infinity x TikTok Asia Digital Art Exhibition
ITP Camp
X Academy 
NIME Club Shanghai

#community #education #techart 

Butterfly Portal | Immersive experience (2024)


Commissioned by Nabi Shanghai, a fine dining restaraunt owned by Tom Ryu. 
I created a digital art experience at the entrance space of Nabi, an immersive butterfly portal with two walls projection mapped and three walls of mirrors for a reflective infinite portal space, transitioned people from everyday experience to a Nabi experience.


Blender software, Projection Mapping, space, people


Nabi Shanghai