Caren Wenqing Ye

Multimedia artist and teaching fellow
based in Brooklyn, NY

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Multimedia Work

Blender+ Jam!
Butterfly Portal @Nabi Shanghai
As I Sync My Breath With You

The Floater VR
LxU Lab: AR Do Not Go Die
Synthetic Garden 
RElectonics: Machine-in-itself Bonsai Night
Code Mandela

Pop-Up Yuanlin
ADD Civic Pavilion

#illustration #digitalart #motiondesign #animation
#vrar #virualproduction #creativecoding #installation #projectionmapping #interactivedesign #architecture


Breathing Prairie


NIME Club Shanghai x Wandering Song

#audiovisual #touchdesigner  #realtime

Curation, Teaching,
Creative Direction

Studio Wonder-Infinity x TikTok Asia Digital Art Exhibition
ITP Camp
X Academy 
NIME Club Shanghai

#community #education #techart 

Rhizomes 1.0 |  Audiovisual performance (2023)


Whether it's the natural world, galaxies, human body, brain cells, the shape of desires, neural networks of artificial intelligence, or urban and social structures, they all follow natural laws like fractals, displaying the same essence and impermanence characterized by constant flow, change, and breathing.   We created this performance piece resonating with nature's fractal growing rhythm, bringing a sense of awe and connection to the natural world and to our inner world.


Touchdesigner, Kinect, Photoshop, Clay


Shiqing Chen(Visual), Milam(Sound)

More updates on instagram